Milton, Carlos & Mike, Jackie’s 1st, Spaceman & Oil Can, Barry & Tony.

Milton Bradley losing his temper as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. While I do not always agree with everything Milton says and does, I think dudes like him are vital to the game in a weird twisted way. In my opinion, Baseball will always need hot-headed “villains” like Bradley.


Photo of the gruesome collision between outfielders Carlon Beltran and Mike Cameron of the New York Mets in August 2005. Cameron broke his nose, lost four teeth, and broke both of his cheekbones and did not play again for the rest of the season.


Jackie Robinson being congratulated after hitting his first homerun after breaking the color barrier as a member of the Montreal Royals in 1946.


2 players who love the game and continue to play regardless whether their Major League careers have been over for decades: Bill “Spaceman” Lee and Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd.


2 players who once ruled the game and have both left entirely different legacies in Baseball now that their playing careers are over: Barry Bonds and Tony Gwynn.

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