Rest In Peace, Earl Weaver

This last weekend we lost Earl Weaver, one of the greatest Managers and most interesting characters in Baseball history. In memory of his Hall of Fame career, I give you an all Earl Weaver post. Wherever he is now, I hope he’s giving someone hell and kicking dirt on their shoes.

A very well known and classic video of Weaver losing his temper after Umpire Bill Haller called a balk against Orioles Pitcher Mike Flanagan during a game against the Tigers. Haller was wearing a microphone during the game as he taking part in a documentary on Umpires in Major League Baseball. If you have not watched this before, you’re missing out.


Earl Weaver Dirt Kick

Vintage Weaver kicking dirt in mid-tirade, not to much else to say here besides that it’s a perfect photo of Weaver.


Earl Weaver - cardinals prospect
Earl Weaver was a prospect in the Cardinals system from 1948 to 1953. He spent a total of 14 seasons in the Minor Leagues, also in the Pirates and Orioles systems; never once getting a shot at the Big Leagues.


Weaver Goodbye

Weaver says goodbye to Orioles fans after managing his last game before retiring after the 1982 season. He later returned to manage the Orioles for the 1985 and 1986 seasons.


Earl Weaver 1969 Glove

1969. Weaver takes some fielding practice with his team during his second season of being the Manager of the Baltimore Orioles. I love the big smile on his face as it captures his child-like charm and love for the game. Something about Managers taking BP and taking balls in the field is always very cool and interesting to me.


Weaver and Martin

Earl Weaver and Billy Martin: Two angry men who utilized their own complexes to often fuel their genius decisions on the Baseball diamond.


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2 Responses to “Rest In Peace, Earl Weaver”

  1. Damn, that clip is priceless!

  2. Who had the contract for sewing names and numbers on the Orioles’ jerseys? You could drive a truck between Weaver’s name and number!

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