Derek Jeter. San Francisco Sea Lions. Buck O’Neil & Dave Winfield. Ted Williams. Jackie Robinson.

Derek Jeter in a vintage Yankees cap, jersey, and glove. As a huge fan of Jeter and a fan of anything related to old Baseball; I must say that I LOVE this photo.


A great photo of the 1946 San Francisco Sea Lions of the West Coast Baseball Association, which was also known as the West Coast Negro Baseball Association (click on the photo for a larger version). If you would like to know a little more about the WCBA, click HERE for an old post in which I gave a little background on the short lived league.


1992. Buck O’Neil chats with Dave Winfield during his 1 season with the Blue Jays. I find this photo so very cool due to the fact that O’Neil & Winfield are 2 of my Baseball heroes and are also 2 individuals that I love listening to while talking about the game. To witness the both of them chat in real life had to be an amazing experience for anyone present the day this photo was taken.


Ted Williams signed to the San Diego Padres of the old Pacific Coast League in 1936 while still a Senior in high school.

Photo is courtesy of “The Kid: Ted Williams in San Diego” which is an amazing book that gives an in depth look into Williams’ early life.


1955. Jackie Robinson is congratulated by young fans after a game at the Polo Grounds in which his Dodgers beat the home-team Giants. This is the kind of photo which makes me love the game of Baseball due to everything being so perfect about it.

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2 Responses to “Derek Jeter. San Francisco Sea Lions. Buck O’Neil & Dave Winfield. Ted Williams. Jackie Robinson.”

  1. Where did you come upon this photo of the Sea Lions?

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