Bo Jackson. Corky Miller. Ted Williams. Jamie Moyer. Keith Hernandez.

August 4th, 1993. Bo Jackson takes part in the now infamous Nolan Ryan & Robin Ventura brawl between the Rangers & White Sox. I love this photo as this brawl was one of my favorite Baseball moments from my childhood. If you wanna watch a great video of the incident, click HERE. I believe that this is some of the best Baseball entertainment you can find and the fact that Ventura got thrown out while Nolan stayed in the game only adds icing to the cake.

Also, it’s amazing to watch this brawl and see all the guys in the heat of the battle that catch my eye besides Ryan and Ventura. I swear that a huge chunk of my childhood Baseball cards were on these teams: Mickey Hatcher, Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, Ivan Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, Ozzie Guillen, Dean Palmer, Jack McDowell, Rafael Palmeiro, Ellis Burks, Wilson Alvarez, Kirk McCaskill, Tom Henke, Craig Lefferts, Lance Johnson, Alex Fernandez, Tim Raines, and Joey Cora. The list goes on as I know their are guys I am missing too.


Corky Miller is awesome. Not long ago, I read an article that suggested if Crash Davis (Bull Durham) and Jake Taylor (Major League) were both molded into a real-life baseball player, it would be Corky Miller. I cant disagree with that statement whatsoever.

Here’s to you Corky Miller and your awesome facial hair, I wish you the best of luck in making the Reds team out of Spring Training in 2012. To check out a home run he hit earlier this week, click HERE.


Ted Williams during the 1999 All-Star game at Fenway park. I can watch the footage of the All-Century team introduction over and over again without getting sick of it. It still gets to me when Ted Williams was circled by his peers which consisted of players from both the past and present.  It must have been been an honor to be greeted in such a fashion.

I don’t care what anyone says, Williams is without a doubt the greatest hitter of all-time.


Jamie Moyer, 2012. The moment he officially makes the Rockies team (assuming he does), I am going to look into the dates that Colorado come to San Francisco to play the Giants. There is no way I am going to miss him pitch before he retires.


Keith Hernandez smoking in the dugout during his years with the Mets. No real reason to share this besides the fact that I find it funny and kind of interesting.

On a related note, yesterday I picked up Keith’s book “Pure Baseball.” I recently watched his interview on “Talking Baseball with Ed Randall” which is currently on Netflix Instant. The majority of the interview is discussing the book and what went into writing it, very interesting stuff I must say. If you have Netflix, check out that interview. By the way, I scored the book for $2.50 at a Goodwill. Picking up cheap Baseball books will never not make my day.

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