Satchel Paige. 1966 Orioles. 1991 World Series. Roberto Clemente. Oscar Gamble.

I recently came across this short video of Satchel Paige on the site. I thought it was too good to not rip a copy of it and share it on YouTube for everyone. What caught my eye and made we want to share the video was the fact that it has footage from both his Hall of Fame speech and of him warming up for his 1965 start with the Kansas City Athletics. I had never seen video of either and was delighted to come across it.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and hopefully Major League Baseball doesn’t come after me for making a copy and making it more accessible to the masses.


Game 4 of the 1966 World Series. After making the final out of the series in which the Orioles swept the Dodgers, Brooks Robinson jumps in the air towards teammates Dave McNally, Andy Etchebarren and Boog Powell. Baseball photos do not get much better than this.


Game 1 of the 1991 World Series. Dan Gladden of the Twins tags up and runs over Braves Catcher Greg Olson and in the process literally knocks him upside down. Olson held onto the ball and Gladden was out.

If you are like myself and was a kid in the late 80’s & early 90’s who loved Baseball, you probably have this image stuck in your head for life.


August 24th, 1958. Roberto Clemente slides in to home past Catcher Gene Green of the Cardinals. Clemente played hard and this photo captures that perfectly.


When you think of the words “afro” and “baseball,” the name Oscar Gamble automatically pops into most people’s heads and rightfully so. I could be wrong but this is quite possibly the biggest his hair ever was.

Unfortunately, ole’ Oscar doesnt keep the afro alive these days. I found a photo of him and I must say it’s quite disappointing. Check out the photo HERE.

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One Response to “Satchel Paige. 1966 Orioles. 1991 World Series. Roberto Clemente. Oscar Gamble.”

  1. Oscar Gamble had to cut his hair after he was acquired by the Yankees prior to the 1976 season in order to conform to the team’s grooming standards. It was reported that his wife used the hair to stuff a pillow that she made.

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