Dizzy. Stengel. Harmon. Mays. DiMaggio.

A great photo of Dizzy Dean after he famously knocked himself out while attempting to break up a double play during the 1934 World Series. The supposed newspaper headlines the following day read “X-ray of Dean’s head reveals nothing” and to those who were familiar with Dean and his antics were delighted and humored to say the least.


1915. A 24 year old Casey Stengel during his time as an outfielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers. I think the song lyrics “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades” is very applicable to Stengel this photo.


Harmon Killebrew looking awesome as always in one of my favorite MLB uniforms of all time. It’s still upsetting to know that Harmon is no longer with us.


1951. Willie Mays during his time with the Minneapolis Millers. Before getting called up to the New York Giants on May 25th he played in 35 games with the Millers in which he hit .477/.524/.799 with 71 hits, 30 RBIs, 8 home runs, and an OPS of 1.323. I think it’s safe to say that he was overqualified for the job.


1950. Joe DiMaggio “boning” his bat. This was the practice of grinding your bat into a cow bone in order compact the wood’s grain and therefore make it supposedly harder. I am curious if this made a difference whatsoever? I am leaning towards no.


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2 Responses to “Dizzy. Stengel. Harmon. Mays. DiMaggio.”

  1. beauties

  2. As for Joe D “boning” his bat and what if it made a difference? Tell that to Marucci who practices that concept on their bats and basically supplies almost everyone in MLB nowadays

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