The Iron Horse. Koufax. El Curvo. The Babe. 1934 World Series.

1937. Lou Gehrig’s hands. Such an awesome photo courtesy of the Boston Public Library who released some amazing Baseball photos this week. There are over 1700 photos to check out and I have to admit I checked each and every one out. I am such a nerd.


Game 4 of the 1963 World Series. An ecstatic Sandy Koufax jumps in the air after making the final out of the World Series. He tossed a 2 hit complete game to finish off the Yankees and to complete a truly epic season. How epic you may ask? Well he was an All-Star, Cy Young winner, NL MVP, World Series MVP, won the Pitcher’s Triple Crown and the Sporting News Pitcher of the Year Award. It’s very possible Baseball may never see a season like that again.

Also, I’m pretty sure that’s Maury Wills in the background.


A great photo of Connie Marrero during his time with the Almendares of the Cuban League. There no real way to tell when this photo was taken as Marrero played many years with the Almendares in the 1940’s and 1950’s. He was also their Manager at one point.

If you are not sure who Connie Marrero is, you should look him up as he is the oldest living former Major League Baseball player (100 years old!) and has lived a very interesting life. I was introduced to him via the Monte Irvin documentary “The Bases Are Loaded” which is a great movie and I suggest anyone watch who loves the game of Baseball. You can rent the movie via Netflix.


A young Babe Ruth during his days as a member of the Boston Red Sox. This is such a perfect photo.


Game 7 the 1934 World Series. Joe Medwick of the Cardinals sliding hard into Tigers 3rd basemen Marv Owen. Why this photo is cool is because it lead to one of the more crazier moments in World Series history. With the Cardinals leading 9-0 and the Tigers all but having lost the World Series, Medwick’s slide provoked Owen to attack him as he must have thought it was unnecessary. After the fight was broke up, angry Detroit fans began to throw food, bottles, and whatever else they could find onto the field which lead the game being postponed. Commissioner Landis made the decision to order both players be pulled from the game to restore order.

To see AMAZING footage of the ’34 series, click HERE. You can see the slide and the aftermath of the incident at about 1:27. What catches my eye the most when watching this footage is the amount of hard sliding going down. The players genuinely seem to be hurting themselves to win. This is the way it should be.

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  1. Sandy was and always will be my hero….The Left Arm of God

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