Bullet Bob & The Yankee Clipper. Weaver. The Washington Padres? Gibson. Carey & Wagner.

1941. Bob Feller and Joe DiMaggio pose for a photo together. I wonder if this photo was taken before or after Feller’s Indians stopped DiMaggio’s hitting streak?

I recently found this quote by Feller regarding The Yankee Clipper: “Ted Williams was the greatest hitter I ever saw, but (Joe) DiMaggio was the greatest all around player.” Not surprising but still very cool.


A great photo of Buck Weaver of the Chicago White Sox from 1913. Weaver played with the San Francisco Seals in 1911 and with the Chicago White Sox from 1912 to 1920 before being banned for life by Commissioner Landis after the 1920 season. Here is an interesting tidbit I found on Weaver’s wiki page regarding this:

Later in life, Weaver contacted a New York City attorney who vowed to get him reinstated. After Weaver sent his legal papers and correspondence to New York, however, they were never returned back; to this day, baseball historians have been unable to find Buck’s legal files

Very interesting information. Also, while reading up on Weaver I came across Clear Buck and THIS article from 2005 by Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune. Both links are definitely worth checking out.


1974. Dave Freisleben modeling a 1974 Washington uniform. This should seem VERY odd to anyone looking at this photo due to the fact that the nation’s capital did not have a MLB team from 1972 to 2004. The reason behind this photo is because the San Diego Padres were almost sold prior to the 1974 season to a Washington based ownership group lead by Joseph Danzansky. This move was so close to happening that Topps Baseball Card Company even made Padres cards with “Washington” as their representation. Click HERE to see Willie McCovey’s card as an example.

Ray Kroc, who was the co-founder of the McDonalds restaurant chain ended up stepping in and saving Major League Baseball in the city of San Diego. He owned the team until his death in 1984. It would have been a shame if San Diego lost Major League Baseball after attaining it just 5 years earlier. Thank you again Mr. Kroc.

(Thanks to Bill Swank for sending me this great photo!)


The one and only Josh Gibson. Photos of Gibson are kind of few and far between so I must admit that I was pretty stoked when I found this gem.


1913. Max Carey and Honus Wagner of the Pittsburgh Pirates. What a great photo of these two Hall of Famers. Is it me or do old photos of Wagner just seem so much cooler then photos of other players from his era?

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3 Responses to “Bullet Bob & The Yankee Clipper. Weaver. The Washington Padres? Gibson. Carey & Wagner.”

  1. A group we here at Baseball Almanac truly appreciate and hold in the highest regard during a day and age when the home run is king…………When Im throwing good I dont think theres a man in the world who can hit me.

  2. Any idea the year the Josh Gibson photo was taken? I’m thinking mid-40s? Looks a little older than the 1943 glory team. Is the photo in print or what was it? Maybe a premium of some kind. Have never seen one of them before. Best, Kevin

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