Longacre. Negro League All-Stars. Leonard plays pickle. Lefty, Joe & Marilyn. Clemente.

A great action shot of Ed Longacre of the 1937 San Francisco Seals. I got to admit, those pinstriped Seals uniforms are pretty much perfect.


Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby, Don Newcombe, Luke Easter, and Roy Campanella pose for a photo at Ebbets Field during the 1950 All-Star break. All of these former Negro League players were now Major League All-Stars with the exception of Luke Easter as he was never an All-Star. I am kind of curious as to why Easter was there?


1944. Buck Leonard of the Homestead Grays is caught in a rundown against the Baltimore Elite Giants while teammate Josh Gibson stands at 3rd Base after advancing. After doing some research, I am pretty sure the 3rd Basemen is Felton Snow and the Catcher is Eggie Clark. It still blows me away sometimes when I find hard to get information like that via Google, I must say we live in a wonderful age.


Lefty O’Doul, Joe DiMaggio, and Marilyn Monroe. I am curious as to what the back story is to this photo. Maybe the Yankee Clipper just wanted to introduce Marilyn to a former teammate (1935 San Francisco Seals) and a fellow Bay Area Baseball legend? The fan in Marilyn’s hand makes wonder if the photo was taken in Japan though. If this is the case, it could have been on O’Doul’s trip to Japan in 1950 in which he brought DiMaggio. However as far as I know, Joe didn’t meet Marilyn until 1952. It also may have been on their Japanese honeymoon? Maybe they ran into Lefty while there on one of his various Japanese Baseball trips?

On an extremely unrelated note, I found out recently that Joe’s birth name was Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio. Interesting huh?


Roberto Clemente retrieves the ball after hitting his 3000th career hit. So awesome.


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