Chinese Baseball at SQ. Chuck Klein. Mr Cub. Mays. Seals Stadium.

I came across this photo while researching for THIS post on Baseball at San Quentin back in late May. I have no idea what the story is behind the photo besides the fact that this photo documents a Baseball team made up of Chinese men wearing Los Angeles uniforms at San Quentin Prison around 1915.

Were these guys actually from China? From LA? Were they actual inmates of the prison? Or as I assume, locals from San Francisco who were able to get their hands on PCL Los Angeles Angels uniforms? If anyone has any info on this photo, please enlighten me as I am quite fascinated by it.


A very cool photo of Hall of Famer Chuck Klein of the Philadelphia Phillies.


Here we have a photo of Mr. Cub himself Ernie Banks during his time with the Kansas City Monarchs in the early 1950’s. Today I came across THIS cool little video clip of Ernie talking about barnstorming with Jackie Robinson AFTER the color barrier was broke in 1947. I had no idea Jackie barnstormed after his career took off in the Major Leagues.


You dont find photos much cooler than this: Vintage Willie Mays violently sliding head first into 3rd base. I am assuming this photo is from the 1954 World Series which placed the New York Giants against the Cleveland Indians.


My buddy Paul who I play Baseball with recently found this photo for me on eBay and promptly informed me about it. What we have here is a group photo of both MLB & PCL players who took part in a benefit game at Seals Stadium here in San Francisco. The photo’s notes and the names of players can be seen HERE and what’s interesting is that it says the photo was taken in 1932. Well, Paul has a keen eye for detail and also informed me that the uniform that Lefty O’Doul is wearing is from the 1933 All-Star game so the photo had to be taken some point after that.

Maybe Lefty had no allegiance to any certain team after the 1933 season as he split the season between the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers; so maybe that’s why he wore his All-Star game uniform instead? Just an idea.

One more thing, can anyone else tell what uniform Ty Cobb is wearing? He retired after the 1928 season so this is definitely after his playing days however I can’t tell if he has Detroit Tigers or Philadelphia Athletics uniform on (or neither of the two).

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