30 Teams. 30 Posts: Boston Red Sox.

The Boston Red Sox: Today is my 3rd installment of my 30 Teams. 30 Posts segment which I am slowly but surely knocking out. So here we go…The Bosox. What can I say? To tell you the truth, they are one of my least favorite teams in the Major Leagues but I am not so sure if that has anything to do with the actual team itself. I guess the majority of their fans annoy me post 2004 and the fact that they have so much money to spend on the free agent market frustrates me. But hey whatever I don’t loose sleep over it. If I had to explain my true feelings about the organization I would say they are my least favorite team in the AL East even though some of my favorite players have been members of the team in the past (ie. Bill Lee, Ted Williams, Fisk, Greenwell, Oil-Can Boyd, Doc Roberts, etc.) and still are to this day (Adrian, Papi, Jacoby, Cameron).

Also, I do got to admit that I rooted for them in 2004 when they finally beat the Yankees in the playoffs and eventually beat the Cardinals to win the World Series. It was one of the greatest Baseball moments in my life in a historical sense and in my opinion it was impossible to not like the players one that 2004 team (unless you’re a Yankees fan). Well that’s about all I have on the Red Sox, here are 5 great Red Sox photos that I love and want to share.


Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS placed The Yankees on the brink of eliminating the Red Sox once again and therefore continuing their dominance over the Boston organization. However in the 9th inning all that changed when Dave Roberts came in to pinch run and accomplished what is now considered to be one of the most famous stolen bases in Baseball history. EVERYONE knew what his job was and what he was going to attempt to do and he did not let down. I know this is a famous photo/moment in Baseball history and like I have mentioned more than once in the blog is that I try to steer away from extremely well documented moments in Baseball history however I will make an exception here. I LOVE stolen bases in high pressure situations and I LOVED Doc Roberts as a player. Forget a Homerun, lets see some stolen bases and fundamentally sound Baseball when it really counts.


A great photo of Fred Lynn in 1975 making an incredible catch as he so often did during his time as the Center fielder for the Red Sox. During his his 7 year tenure in Boston he was voted to the All-Star game 6 times and won 4 Gold Gloves. Oh yeah, in 1975 he won both the AL MVP & Rookie of the Year becoming the first person in Major League history to do so. Fred Lynn was awesome.


The 1874 Boston Red Stockings. They were an early predecessor to the Boston Red Sox who officially established themselves as a Major League team in the American League in 1901.

(UPDATE: A reader named Jamie brought to my attention that the Red Stockings were a predecessor to the Braves, not the Red Sox. Thanks Jamie for catching this!!)


April 14th, 1939 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Ted Williams hits a Homerun in his first at-bat as a member of the Boston Red Sox. This came during a exhibition game against a team called Holy Cross at Fitton Field. I assume Holy Cross was a semi-pro or school team?

Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, and Dwight Evans. Imagine if this was your favorite team’s Outfield. Well from late in the season of 1974 to the end of 1980 the Fenway Outfield was patrolled by these studs. The fans at Fenway were definitely spoiled during those years. On a side note, does Dwight Evans’s eye brows freak anyone else or is just me?


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4 Responses to “30 Teams. 30 Posts: Boston Red Sox.”

  1. Holy Cross is a college; alma mater of Bob Cousy (sp?)

  2. The 1874 Boston Red Stockings later became the Boston Braves and now play in Atlanta, They had nothing to do with the Boston Red Sox, they only played in the same city.

  3. […] at Fitton Field. Once again, I have previously posted about this (HERE & HERE) but the photos I used were not as nice as this one. Give this one a click to get some nice detail […]

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