Tony Gwynn.

1994 All-Star game in Pittsburgh. Tony won the game for the National League in the bottom of the 10th inning at homeplate by sliding in under Pudge Rodriguez.


Tony coined the term “5.5 hole” as a spot in between 3rd base and short stop. Many of  Gwynn’s 3141 career hits were singles hit through this hole. The term “5.5 hole” is now used commonly in many Baseball circles due to Gwynn.


On on July 29, 2007 Tony was inducted into the MLB Hall Of Fame alongside Cal Ripken Jr. Prior to the induction he appeared on front of Wheaties boxes in recognition of being elected into the Hall Of Fame.


Tony usually used the smallest bat in the Majors (33 inches and weighing just 30 1/2-ounces) at any given time during his career. According to Gwynn, he started using a smaller sized bat early in his career because he was used to lightweight aluminum bats coming out of SDSU and the weight was similar when he was forced to start using wood in the Minor Leagues.


August 6th, 1999 in Montreal Quebec. Tony became the 22nd member of the 3000 hit club with a single up the middle to right-center field against Dan Smith of the Expos. 6 years earlier to the day at a game I was personally at, Tony hit his 2000th career hit in San Diego in a game against the Rockies.


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2 Responses to “Tony Gwynn.”

  1. I was at the game in the first Tony Gwynn picture.

  2. are you sure you were there? that photo is from the 1994 all-star game in pittsburgh. tony won the game in the bottom of 10th inning at homeplate by sliding in under pudge rodriguez. i still remember watching that game on tv and literally was jumping around my living room in the same way tony was when he scored and won the game. ahhh memories.

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